Working of body system is just like that of a machine. Routine servicing is a must for the proper functioning of machine. Doshas loose their balance in different seasons and also person very in their body type so purification procedures also differ with person, season and disease.Detoxification Procedures are told in Ayurveda in the name of Panchakarma. Panchakarma literally means five (Pancha) procedures (Karma).

Pre Panchakarma Procedures

These are three in number, known as Pachana-Deepana (digestive therapies); Snehana (unctation therapy) and Swedana (sudation therapy). These are done simultaneously to loosen the Doshas and to bring them back to the big channels from smaller ones and will be eliminated by the nearest route.

Main Panchakarma Procedures

  • VAMAN: This process is meant for the purification of upper 1/3 rd of the body, the place for Kapha. This procedure is best for hyper acidify, diabetes, skin diseases, psoriasis.
  • VIRECHAN: It works on middle one third of body and purifies the body by removing excessive Pitta from it. Results are seen in Rheumatoid, Arthritis, Hemiplegia, Skin Problems and Other Pitta Related Diseases.
  • VASTI (enemas): Here medicines are given through anal canalAs the large intestine is the main place of Vata Dosha. So it is the treatment of choice for maximum neurological disorders, caused by aggravated Vata. In this type of Vasti herbal decoctions constitute the major part of the medicine. It is beneficial in almost all diseases.
  • NASYA: Herbal powders or Juices or Oils are administered by nasal route in this type of treatment. It gives exclusive results in migraine – chronic headache, works for hairs and memory of booster.
  • RAKTAMOKSHANA: A procedure to eliminate any remains of the doshas and to treat diseases ranging from chronic skin ailments and varicose veins to tumours. This specially treats chronic and blood related diseases.