Specialities Treated at Our Centre

Ayurveda has 8 branches which take care of individuals all round health needs. We, at our center treat all the diseases on the basis of principles laid by Ayurveda. All the diseases are due to imbalance in the tridoshas – Vata, Pitta and Kapha. We consider human in total as against the conventional system which differentiates the human into various parts.

  • Prasuti Sastra and Stree Roga (Obstretrics & Gynaecology- Menses related Problems, Infertility, Pre & Post-delivery care etc.).
  • Kayachikitsa (General Medicine including specialities like Cardiology, Neurology, Dermatology, Respiratory Medicine, Endocrinology, Rheumatology, Diabetes Clinic, Nephro-Urology, Gastro-Enterology, etc..)
  • Manasa Roga Vignana (Psychiatry and De-addiction Clinic)
  • Shalakya Tantra (Eye Clinic, ENT and Dental Clinic)
  • Shalya Tantra (Ayurvedic Surgeries and Parasurgical Procedures, especially for Vericose Veins, Piles, Fissure and Fistula)
  • Agada Tantra (Clinic for the Allergy, and Visha)
  • Rasayana (Clinc for the Senior Citizen and Chronic Degenerative diseases)
  • Vajeekarana (Clinic for the Reproductive and Sexual disorders)