Charaka Samhita, the book of Ayurvedic Medicine, explains the root cause for the health as well as ill-health as the food one consumes. Due to the change in food habits and the activities, the channels of nutrition to the tissues become blocked either partially or completely. The block is caused by the accumulated dosha (biological humors) causing obstruction to the movement of the nutrition into the tissues and excretion of metabolic wastes out of the tissues.

To prevent accumulation of waste material and to restore normalcy, Ayurveda advices the Shodhana karma (bio-purification or the detoxification).this is explained with the help of a simile. A clean vessel filled with clean water and allowed to stand still. In the due course of time, some sediment gets precipitated & an inner coat formed in the vessel.

In the same way, in our body also in spite of adhering to the regimen of the different seasons, little quantities of waste material (resultant of various bio-chemical processes inside the human body) & mild abnormalities of the tridosha will be found. These will not give rise to diseases quickly because of their poor strength, but if allowed to accumulate for long time they are strong enough to cause diseases. So, these metabolic wastes are to be eliminated out of the body.

How Shodhana / De-toxification act? Elimination of metabolic wastes and toxins accumulated in minute channels, usually not eliminated; Promote & maintain the physiological functions; Increases the life span by giving strength to the body by improving nourishment; Prevention of diseases.

Benefits of timely Shodhana / De-toxification:

  • Bodily minute channels become clean.
  • Kindling of digestive fire.
  • Stability in the tissues.
  • Maintaining proper functioning of various organs.
  • It gives colour, complexion & strength to the body.
  • Increases sexual vigour
  • It delays old age & increases life span. (Charaka Samhita 1:16/17-19).